Recording and composition

August 1st 10am to 3pm

This BBC Radiophonic Workshop inspired day is delivered by composer, producer and performer Caro C, a found sound enthusiast and organiser of Delia Derbyshire Day.

In this workshop, you will:

–      be inspired by intuitive and “dare to be rare” music maker Caro C and electronic music pioneer Delia Derbyshire (she made the original Dr Who theme!) with their fun and quirky methods of making music without musical instruments.
–       get more confident at recording sounds using a handheld sound recorder
–       develop your understanding of gain (volume) management, and capture and transfer of audio onto a computer
–       compose new music that is unique to you! Experiment with sounds like creating your own junk funk drum kit sounds using lampshades, dish racks, oven shelves  and other random objects
–       use Ableton Live to get creative and play around with your recorded sounds to fit with your piece of music.
–       collaborate: working in teams you can learn from others, help each other and get inspired


Sound composition registration

About Caro C

Caro is a passionate artist, engineer and facilitator in sound currently based in Manchester, UK. Described as a “sonic enchantress” (BBC Radio 3) she composes, produces and performs of her own brand of electronic music, also using acoustic instruments and her voice. She has released three albums, provided music/sound for film, theatre, sculpture and performs live across Europe. Caro is co-founder and project manager of Delia Derbyshire Day which champions and acts as a platform for women in sound both past and present. DD Day has been featured on the Today Programme, The World Tonight and BBC America. Caro appeared on Dick and Dom’s Absolute Genius on CBBC as a “modern day Delia Derbyshire”, helping them to re-create the original Dr Who theme using animal sounds and bric-a-brac.

Caro has extensive experience as a creative music facilitator and enabler in community and education settings for organisations such as The Bridgwater Hall, The Lowry, Heritage Quay and Drake Music. She has also designed and delivers music technology courses in primary schools in Greater Manchester in partnership with One Education Music, covering the fundamentals of electronic music composition, music production and studio engineering.


Photo credit: Lina Chauveaux

The rest of the week: 

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