Sound recording and sonic production for performance in Ableton Live

July 29th 10am to 3pm

In this workshop Aja will teach you how to make field recordings, and create a wide range of different sounds and textures by only using simple, built in Ableton Plugins. You will learn to build ambient/drone/noise textures, experiment and discovering new sounds as a group, then learn to experiment with them for live performance.

In this workshop you will learn:
– how to record sound using handheld recorders
– what field recording is
– how to import sound to Ableton Live
– a creative manipulation of Ableton Live plugins
– how to explore the soundscape and musical potential of field recordings
– how to construct ambient textures in Ableton Live
– experimental play with sound for new music composition

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About Aja

Aja Ireland is currently exploring industrial beats and distorted drones, following five years of work with a wide range of musics from grind noise to techno. She has worked as a DJ in Berlin, played in the noise orchestra of Batalj and more recently launched her new live performance, exploring noise further.

The rest of the week: 

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